Project: Cat Conservation Course 2012
Project: Cat Conservation Course 2012

Broschure about The UsitawiNetwork (PDF):


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Aim and activities

The UsitawiNetwork aims to make a contribution to the development and implementation of socially and environmentally sustainable forms of economic activity, through its members and organisation. It therefore ultimately aims to help create a balance between economic activity, social development, and ecology.

The UsitawiNetwork pursues this purpose by establishing a network of interested individuals as well as by realising and supporting projects in the field of sustainable development.

The UsitawiNetwork...

  • comprises local clubs and establishes a network of leaders who are committed to serve the community according to sustainable development principles,
  • encourages responsible and ethical behaviour among its members vis-à-vis fellow human beings, our common environment, and future generations,
  • promotes and acknowledges sustainable and eco-efficient behaviour in the private and public sectors,
  • imparts knowledge, experience, work capacity, and financial means in the field of sustainable development.

We support projects which...

  • promote, spread and put into effect the idea of sustainable management,
  • encourage economic and social development, taking ecological factors into account and providing scope for personal responsibility and initiative,
  • improve the situation of the biosphere and recognize, eliminate or at least reduce potential sources of risk to ecosystems,
  • promote the economical use of resources, for example by enhancing efficient consumption and by safeguarding renewability.