Project: Beitrag zur Arterhaltung des Bali Stars, Indonesia
Project: Beitrag zur Arterhaltung des Bali Stars, Indonesia

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General information

The UsitawiNetwork

The UsitawiNetwork, the International Service Club for Sustainable Development, is a forum for far-sighted, responsible leaders in business, science, politics, administration, and culture. It was founded in Switzerland in 2005.

The UsitawiNetwork is committed to promoting and putting into effect the idea of sustainable management and action, to establishing contacts and procuring know-how amongst decision-makers and to supporting or carrying out appropriate projects.

The name The UsitawiNetwork

"Usitawi" comes from Kiswahili, the lingua franca of Eastern Africa, and means growth, ongoing development, progress, success, and prosperity. Together with its corresponding verb "sitawi", the term is used to refer to positive developments in nature and in the entire sphere of human activity, from social events to the economy.

What we mean by “sustainable development”

The UsitawiNetwork follows the definition of the World Commission on Environment and Development in the report «Our Common Future» (Brundtland Report) of 1987: Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Therefore, sustainable development always takes economic, environmental and social concerns into account.