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Organisation of The UsitawiNetwork

The UsitawiNetwork consists of local clubs that form the basis of the network. The local clubs are linked by the international umbrella organisation “The UsitawiNetwork International” as well as by The UsitawiNetwork Foundation. They are assisted in their activities by various working groups.

Local clubs

The UsitawiNetwork wants to appeal to individuals in business, science, politics, administration, or the arts. The members form local clubs, which carry out activities and projects, either individually or together with other clubs, or take part in projects undertaken by the umbrella organisation. The local clubs develop their own programmes.

By participating in the activities of the club, the members have access to a network of interesting individuals.

The UsitawiNetwork International (UNI)

The UsitawiNetwork (UNI) is the umbrella organisation of the local clubs. It is responsible for administrative matters related to the overall organisation, coordinates and supports the activities of the local clubs, and fulfils higher tasks and functions. In its tasks, The UsitawiNetwork International is assisted by various working groups.

The UsitawiNetwork Foundation (UNF)

The UsitawiNetwork Foundation serves to establish The UsitawiNetwork as an international service club, to disseminate the concept of sustainability and to support projects in the field of sustainable development.

The UsitawiNetwork Foundation was founded in Switzerland. UNF has been granted tax exemption and is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations.

Central Secretariat

The Central Secretariat performs all administrative tasks of the overall organisation.