Local Clubs

Local clubs form the basis of The UsitawiNetwork. The clubs establish a network of individuals with various professional backgrounds who are committed to serve the community according to sustainable development principles

The local clubs undertake activities and projects either individually or jointly with other clubs, or engage in projects undertaken by the umbrella organisation. Regular meetings and special events serve to promote friendship, cooperation, and dialogue.

Existing clubs:

Club Basel

Club Bern

Club Bern Zytglogge

Club Zürich

A few of the new clubs momentarily being established:



Central Switzerland

St. Gallen

Who are we?

The UsitawiNetwork International (UNI)

The UsitawiNetwork International (UNI) is the umbrella organisation of the local clubs. UNI was established in 2005 as an association under Swiss law. Its members are the local clubs.

UNI is responsible for administrative matters related to the overall organisition, coordinates and supports the activities of the local clubs, and fulfils major tasks and functions. These include carrying out important international projects and campaigns with the help of the local clubs. In addition, UNI ensures continuous growth of the network and supports the founding of new clubs.


The UsitawiNetwork Foundation (UNF)

The UsitawiNetwork Foundation was established in 2002. The Foundation is registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Berne (Switzerland) and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations. As a registered charitable organisation, it has been granted tax exemption.

The Foundation serves to establish The UsitawiNetwork as an international service club, to disseminate the concept of sustainability and to support projects worldwide in the area of sustainable development.

The UsitawiNetwork Foundation retains all legal rights associated with The UsitawiNetwork as an organisation, and gives local clubs permission to use any and all distinguishing insignia that represent the Organisation.

The Board:

Thomas Streiff
Melchior Buchs
Vice President
Ralph Huggel
Past President
Hans-Peter Münger
Willy Mayer

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The Board:

Willy Mayer

Kurt Bür­ki

Bri­git­te May­er



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